New SPEEDCOVER® website online!

Today is a special day for SPEEDCOVER®. It is the day that our new English website has officially been launched! Through this website, we hope to give a good impression of our specialism and enthusiasm for our core business, namely plastic covers for fish tubs, pallets, standard trolleys and plastic pallet boxes, among others.

Our tear-resistant polyethylene (PE) covers are affordable, time-saving, effective and provide a hygienic and odor/stench insulating seal for your product. The stretchable cover is also quick, reliable and easy to apply and remove.

Our cover covers are available in different materials (LDPE/MDPE/HDPE) and standard colors and thicknesses. Our covers are also available in a metal detectable version.

After a number of successful years, more projects and many technical developments, our website is ready for the future!